Mette Ivie Harrison’s Memoir Template (2024)

  1. Are you telling your entire life story or only a partial section?
  2. Where do you think is the most interesting place to begin?
  3. Where does the story end and what are you like at that moment?
  4. Who did you originally want to be/who did you think you’d become? How did events change that vision of yourself in the future?
  5. List fifteen to twenty events that you plan to tell about:
  6. How do each of these events move you forward on your journey from who you are at the beginning of the story to who you become at the end of the story?
  7. Who are the main characters who are with you throughout the events of your memoir?
  8. What are your biggest weaknesses and strengths and how do they change and develop throughout the story?
  9. What is the culture you grew up in—religious, cultural, class, racial, etc? How did that change who you wanted to be and who you became?
  10. How will your story inspire others?