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Huffington Post

Huffington Post

I wrote for Huffington Post from July 2015-January 2018, beginning just after The Bishop’s Wife came out and as I was trying hard to stay connected to Mormonism while still honoring my own spiritual journey and my sense of self. This was sometimes excruciating and sometimes rewarding. I have much respect for those who have been in the “in between space” of Mormonism for much longer than I was able to stay. Ultimately, it was too painful to force myself to continue inside a space where as a woman, I felt powerless and unwanted.

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After stepping away from formal affiliation with the Mormon church, Medium became a new space for me to talk about the journey. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to go back, but it has become more clear to me in the months since then that I had already ost everything that I was going to lose and that there was nothing to gain in going back. I still believe in a god of love, though not the god of Mormonism.

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Religion News

Religion News

Jana Riess joined Mormonism in 1990, just before I finished my PhD at Princeton. I spoke at her baptism. We lost touch for many years, but reconnected in 2014, before The Bishop’s Wife came out. Jana asked me to write about Mormonism directly, in non-fiction essays. It was the first time I’d really tried to do this, and she later asked me to be a regular guest columnist for RNS.

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