Mette Ivie Harrison’s Fiction Template (2024)

  1. Who is your main character? What do they want at the beginning of the story?
  2. How does the story end? Do they get what they want? Why/why not?
  3. What are the main characters’ biggest weaknesses and strengths at the beginning and end of the story?
  4. Who are the three most important side characters and how do they contrast to the main character to show what the main character needs to change?
  5. What is your main character’s dark night of the soul, the moment when they most doubt themselves and their path forward?
  6. What is the most significant loss in the main character’s past?
  7. What beliefs does the main character have at the beginning that they don’t realize are there? How do they come to see what their beliefs are and do these beliefs change because of the events of the book?
  8. What is the moment of revelation/climax in the plot of the book, the event that everything else has been moving toward?
  9. What is the world your character lives in like? What are the rules there (for fantasy, think about magic, for instance)?
  10. List ten events that are important to the plot