I offer Video Classes, Developmental Edits, Copyediting, and Writing Mentorships
Developmental and Copyediting


Per Page
(250 Words)

Send me a partial or completed manuscript for developmental edits. I give feedback on big picture issues, from pacing to character development and voice.

If you’re self-publishing or ready to send to an agent and want one last, final authoritative look, I am a superb grammar Nazi and typo finder and can also find other niggly problems.

Contact for free one-chapter trial so we can both get an idea if we want to move forward.

Writing Mentorship


For 8 weeks

This is an eight-week long service where I help authors who are dealing with excuses and other problems with writing in the process.

I give daily texts as a “kick in the pants,” weekly video chats, and I promise to read every word you write within about 24 hours to help encourage you forward in the drafting process.

This service costs $1000 and is only available at certain times of the year, since I want to make sure I have time to give my full attention to those I’m mentoring. 

Online Writing Classes


10 classes

General Writing Classes include these topics:

  • How to Write a Scene
  • Chapter One
  • How to Write Dialogue
  • How to Write Character
  • How to Write Emotion
  • Plotting
  • Outlining
  • The Business of Publishing
  • Revision

Watch the first half hour video for free to see if you want to sign up for the rest

I have over one hundred free essays on craft and psychology of writing here.

I’m at work on video classes on fantasy writing, romance writing, memoir writing, voice, and more. 

And because I think it makes people feel better to see how bad I was and how far I’ve come, here are a few of my early writings:



  • Better than advertised.


    There must be millions of us who are going to ‘write a book’ someday, but someday never comes.  I had piles of notes collected from over 20 years of ‘maybe’ and hundreds of hours of talking to myself in the shower, but that was it.  Then I took a chance on Mette’s ‘Kick in the Pants’ program.  She is a proven success in all the phases: starting, slogging through the middle and finishing and getting published.  In academia, fiction writing, non-fiction writing, and Ironman.  And that is just what I know about.  Daily encouraging reminders.  Weekly chats.  Killer feedback that is honest but gentle enough.  And I am so stoked.  I followed her guidance and ended up with a first draft, as advertised.  I don’t have money lying around the house, so believe me when I say the price is right and the promised expertise was delivered.  Thanks, Mette!

    Jeff Krey





    Mette’s expert advice helped me to revise my manuscript, which was key to successfully querying agents. Her editing is thoughtful and spot-on; her insights helped me to make my novel shine brighter.

    Cory Anderson

  • The things that get in the way of our writing are complex. Fear, anxiety, temperament, life-problems, emotions, confidence, practice, skills, discernment, discipline. Mettle was a support for me during one of the most complicated, emotional, and fraught creative periods I have ever experienced in my entire life. Her steady input, her calm way of helping me put things into perspective, her uncanny ability to stand in solace with me during near-complete breakdown, were all absolutely integral to my ability to produce a draft of one of the best novels I have ever written. I owe a lot to Mette and recommend her support to anyone who needs just a little help to navigate their way through the creative process.  

    Kerry Spencer