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Coming in July 2017, a retelling of the story of 1 Nephi and 2 Nephi from The Book of Mormon, from Laman's point of view.

If you've ever wondered how anyone could survive being the wicked brother of a prophet and not end up losing a testimony, this is the book for you.

Mette Ivie Harrison is the author of numerous books for young adults, including The Princess and the Hound and Mira, Mirror. The Bishop's Wife is her first adult mystery and the first in the Linda Wallheim series set in Mormon Utah, which includes His Right Hand and For Time and All Eternities.

Mette holds a PhD in Germanic Languages and Literatures from Princeton University and is an All-American triathlete. A practicing Mormon, she is now a religion blogger for Huffington Post. She is the mother of five teenage and older children and lives with her husband in Utah.

Here is an interview with Mette at Publishers Weekly.

For Time and All Eternities, Book 3 in the Linda Wallheim Mormon Utah Mystery Series is now available. Go here or here.

The Mormon church may have disavowed the polygamy it became so famous for in the 19th century, but for some Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints, "plural marriage" isn't just ancient history.

Mormon bishop's wife Linda Wallheim is stunned to learn her son Kenneth has gotten engaged to a young woman from a polygamous family. Naomi Carter may have left the religion she grew up in, but the Carters will still be the Wallheims' in-laws once Kenneth and Naomi are married.

Stephen Carter, Naomi's father and the patriarch of the Carter clan, invites the Wallheims over to the Carter family compound in the remote foothills of the mountains outside Salt Lake City. Stephen Carter wishes to extend an olive branch to his future in-laws, and introduce them to his five wives and twenty-two children. But Linda suspects he also wants to try to persuade the Wallheims that his way of life is truly righteous.

From Linda's point of view, polygamy is an abhorrent practice, one that dehumanizes women and makes children vulnerable to unhealthy family structures. She and her husband, Kurt, arrive at the Carter compound braced for trouble—Linda has her eyes peeled for signs that Stephen's wives and children are unhappy or abused. Although she can't find concrete evidence of mistreatment, Linda's gut instinct tells her that something on the Carter family compound is deeply wrong. She can't quite put her finger on what—until it's too late, and one of the family members is found murdered.

Afraid that Stephen Carter's unworldly, sequestered wives and children might suffer at the hands of investigating police, Linda vows to stay at the compound until the murderer is found and the survivors are safe. But even if she manages to do more good than harm with her snooping and interfering, Linda can't unsee what she has seen during her time at the Carters'—now, confronting the legacy of polygamy in her own Mormon family raises even more questions about her already shaky faith.

What critics have said about For Time and All Eternities

"An intriguing murder mystery, as alluring and confounding as the inscrutable history of polygamy itself—told with refreshing honesty and a ton of heart."

Jamie Ford, New York Times bestselling author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

"Harrison's mystery also offers a fascinating insider’s look at a faith that is strange and mysterious to outsiders. Linda’s struggle to accept church doctrines is an issue to which many readers can relate. Highly recommended."

Library Journal

Utah writer Mette Ivie Harrison is one of the most exciting new mystery writers around. . . The author presents a world unknown to most outside Utah, a world where Linda, a Bishop's wife, must navigate the rigid Mormon world of temple services, women's clubs and strict gender roles and views on homosexuality and feminism. The third book in the series finds Linda drawn into a murder on a polygamist compound most definitely not approved of by the Church of Latter Day Saints. But the crime hits close to home, and despite husband Kurt's disapproval Linda feels compelled to investigate to try to solve both the crime, and help the women she feels may be abused on the grounds. It all makes for a compelling, moral and quite entertaining mystery.

We don’t see Linda actively involved in her congregation, but we gain an essence of her nurturing personality and how, even when faced with women who have chosen to perpetuate a confining lifestyle, she withholds judgment and helps where she can. Linda’s internal religious debates reminded me of The Ladies Auxiliary by Tova Mirvis, in which we get see into the mind of a faithful woman who may question some religious principles, but still believes in the divine nature of God. For Time and All Eternities is a compelling read—one that will have readers considering if their love for family is stronger than their preconceived expectations for each other. Readers will become wrapped in the Wallheim family’s idiosyncrasies, which will leave them looking forward to the next book in the series. Dialogue

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